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About Dave

Dave grew up in northeastern Wyoming, where he worked at his family’s dairy processing plant and was raised with our conservative values.

As a businessperson and former Mayor, Dave combines both private and public-sector experience as he stands up for the needs of working families in Senate District 22.



Dave is a champion for local economic development who knows the key to job growth is small government, low taxes, and cutting red tape.


Education is the key to a bright future for our children. Dave is working to ensure our students have access to a competitive, world-class education system.

Right to Life

Dave is proudly pro-life and supports the efforts of the Legacy Pregnancy Resource Center, which encourages single pregnant women to choose life.

2nd Amendment

Dave has and will continue to take a stand against all attempts by liberals to infringe on our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Dave’s Record

  • Stopped tax increases, including a proposed income tax and lodging tax.
  • Is a champion for agriculture, standing up for rural Wyoming on the issues of predator control, water, weed and pest control, and property rights.
  • Supported critical water projects for our communities, including Dull Knife, Bull Creek, and Lake DeSmet.
  • Has been a consistent advocate of education for all (not just for the traditional college-bound), supporting technical and non-traditional opportunities like Hathaway CTE, Wyoming Works, alternative schools for those in danger of dropping out, and child development centers to identify learning intervention needs early.
  • Repeatedly fought for our veterans, including helping to approve a new veterans nursing facility.
  • Supported key legislation to crack down on drunk driving.
  • Stood up for our seniors by looking out for senior centers and backing funding so vulnerable seniors can stay at home as long as possible and avoid costly nursing home care.


Your voice counts! Dave wants to hear from you. Feedback from constituents informs his work in the Senate.
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Important COVID-19 Relief Information for Johnson & Sheridan County Businesses

UPDATE: May 20, 2020 – See the below and the full PDF from the Wyoming Business Council: “To prepare in the meantime for any of the programs, business owners can gather the following documents now:         . A Certificate of Good Standing from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office           . A W-9 Form from

Bad Time to Build a Pool

The 20-day legislative session ended with a budget for operation of state government, including schools and colleges.  However, no agreement could be reached on a construction budget, and we adjourned without an appropriation bill for state construction.  That saves, for now, $162 million. It was a tough budget session.  Our state’s dependence on the energy

The Badge of The Grim Reaper

One of my Senate colleagues recently sported an unfamiliar lapel pin: the profile of the Grim Reaper, complete with a scythe. The Grim Reaper is an old symbol of death, and he uses the sickle to harvest the souls of the living. I instantly knew the meaning of the lapel pin. In a recent media

Senator Kinskey welcomes Captain Icanberry to capitol; recommends military gun permit extension.

Even in a tough budget year, there are a few bright moments. One such was a visit to the Capitol by the Icanberry family of Kaycee. Captain Matt Icanberry has served more than 26 months overseas in a combat zone. His deployments include southeast Asia, the Middle East, Iraq and Kuwait. Most recently, he served

Learning the Ropes

“The Legislature does its work by committee,” observed the late John Patton, a former local state legislator. John passed away four years ago. He’d served in the Legislature for a decade in the 60s and 70s, and resumed his service in 2009. He passed away at the age of 84 while serving in the 2105

My License Plate Saved My Life

Dave Kinskey, R-Wyoming Senate The State of Wyoming’s use of the bucking horse and rider as a symbol for the Cowboy State dates to at least 1918. The state obtained trademark protection for the symbol in 1936.  That same year, it was first incorporated in the Wyoming vehicle license plate as a means of combating

Chinese Stocks and Wyoming Wool

What does the Chinese stock market have to do with the success of Wyoming sheep ranchers?  Quite a bit, as I learned at the recent mid-year meeting of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association. Speaker Larry Prager of Center of the Nation Wool spelled out the China-Wyoming wool connection.  The United States has enough capacity to

Taxing and Spending in Cheyenne

Quite a bit of email coming in about a proposed corporate income tax.  There is a bill to enable a corporate income tax.  It is limited to retail stores and intended to hit the “big box” retailers that have done so much damage to Main Street stores. Nonetheless, it is an income tax all the

Great News for Jobs

The last week has brought great news for all who have yearned for a more robust local economy. JOCO First, the economic development arm of Kaycee, Buffalo, and Johnson County, scored $1 million in Wyoming Business Council funding toward the cost of developing a shovel-ready business park. They’d initially been denied, but persistence pays off.